• Apocalypse

    Soap Opera / HD
    Author: Vivian de Oliveira
    Director: Edson Spinello

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  • Belaventura

    Soap Opera / HD
    134 x 50'
    Author: Gustavo Reiz
    Director: Ivan Zettel

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  • The Rich and Lazarus

    Soap Opera by: Paula Richard
    Director: Edgar Miranda
    HD - 180 episodes

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  • The Promised Land

    Soap Opera / HD
    179 Episódes
    Author: Renato Modesto
    Director: Alexandre Avancini

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  • Moses and the Ten Commandments

    Soap Opera / HD
    First and Second Season
    242 Episodes
    Written by: Vivian de Oliveira
    Diretor: Alexandre Avancini

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  • Joseph from Egypt

    Series / HD
    38 Episodes
    Adaptated by: Vivian de Oliveira
    Directed by: Alexandre Avancini

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  • King David

    Series / HD
    30 x 60'
    Adapted by: Vivian de Oliveira
    Direction: Edson Spinello

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  • The Slave Isaura

    Soap Opera
    167 x 45'
    Adapted by: Tiago Santiago
    Director: Herval Rossano

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