Ultimate Love

Everyone would like to experience – or has imagined experiencing – a love story capable of overcoming any difference, prejudice or obstacle imaginable.


This sentiment often arises in the most unexpected places and in even unlikely people. But when love proves to be true, nothing can stop it from uniting two lovers.

It’s this intense love that provides a background for the plot of “Ultimate Love”, the new contemporary telenovela by Record TV that will elicit strong emotions on spectators.

Angélica, better known as Poderosa (Powerful) is a young woman making a living on the roads that link São Paulo’s countryside to the capital. Her life changes when she meets Miguel, a simple man living in the “Green Belt” and works selling vegetables in the Municipal Market.

A mysterious accident involving them both is the starting point for secrets of the past to reemerge: she is the daughter and heir of Ramiro, the millionaire owner of an important company that provides agency for football players and trainers in the country, “Bras Sports”.

From there on, Angélica begins a journey of revenge against all who made her suffer, while also learning from Miguel and many other good people that, with love, courage and good will, it is possible to transform one’s own life for the better.

The beauty of old age, the struggle of young athletes for a career in sports, social prejudices and other parallel plots are part of this great telenovela that promises a lot of romance, action, humor and strong emotions.



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