These Women

“These Women” is a novel made in the 19th century, Rio de Janeiro, freely inspired on  José de Alencar`s romances Senhora, Diva and Lucíola. The story tells about the exceptional women which had lived the torrid forbidden love and they had lived their lives radically transformed in love. The most important women are :

Aurélia(Christine Fernandes)  The protagonist. She is an authentic romantic heroine. Poor person, but worthy and honored, she  becomes rich when receiving an unexpected inheritance. The richness will give conditions to have the man who she loves, Fernando Seixas (Gabriel Braga Nunes), and she will not hesitate in fighting  with extreme courage  to win her greater rival Adelaide (Adriana Garambone), to get marry with him,  she will  find out  that, far of the dreamed happiness, she  bought the misfortune of her life. She  will learn that the happiness can become a forbidden fruit and that it conquest demands much more than  what she could  assume. Moreover, she  will have to face the maneuvers of the terrible villain who is her tutorial uncle, Manoel Lemos (Paulo Gorgulho), firmly prepared to  appropriate of the richness that she got from the inheritance.

 Maria da Glória /Lucia (Carla Regina) With Gloria, Aurélia`s friend in the adolescence, the destiny is more cruel.  Mother`s orphan and she has got her father sick on the bed, she thinks she needs to sell her body to buy some medicines  for her father and also to feed her sister. For this  extreme gesture  of generosity, she will be expelled from her house, she will change her name with other whore who dies, and she will become the whore more famous of the region where she lives with the most important men of the city. She will betrayed for her love, error fatal for the woman who is whore. Glória will fall in love with Paulo (João Vitti), rich and young. For living her romance she will fight against : the prejudices, the father of her love and the villain Lemos, that keeps her under his sordid plans.

Mila Young,  is a woman who desagrees  with the limitations and prejudices  of gher time. She has a behavior that causes strangeness. The Mila`s most problem is her mother, Leocádia (Ana Beatriz Nogueira), whom she has terrible conflicts. All these facts will will provoke much suffer and  serious psychological disturbances. She  will be treated for  Augusto (Alexandre Moreno) a black doctor,  who  will live a disrupted romance. Aurélia`s friend  will fight against Aurelia`s uncle , she will be the target of his range,  who will find out a secret from Augusto`s life and he will use it as a weapon.

Adelaide  As the three musketeers they were four, there is also a fourth woman. Adelaide is rich, determined and she doesn`t hesitate to reach their objectives. She  loves Fernando and she  will be a great Aurélia´s rival, with who she will have  memorable battles.

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