Tricky Business

Isabel Vilela is about to fulfill one of her greatest wishes. She’s been married for a year with the cheerful Danilo when she realizes that she’s pregnant on the eve of a romantic trip. Isabel’s professional life is also booming, with financial help from Danilo, she’s about to inaugurate her own architecture firm.

However, all of her dreams vanish when she discovers the truth about her husband:  Danilo is a young man who has a gambling addiction and is drowning in debt. Reason for which they have to sell the apartment that they live in, dissolve the architecture firm and cancel the trip they have planned. When thieves threaten Danilo, Isabel sees a side of Danilo that she didn’t know. This causes her to lose her baby and with it, puts an end to their relationship.



Isabel’s sister and best friend, Teresa, is married to Nestor. They live an ideal life coveted by any loving couple. Their life together is very well defined. Nestor has lovingly taken on a fatherly role with Teresa’s daughter Tais, fruit from a love affair Teresa had when she was a teenager. Now 15 years old, Tais is very united with her family and doesn’t know that she is not Nestor’s legitimate daughter.


Eduardo also has reasons to celebrate. He is a senior partner at Radical Adventure, an ecological tourism agency who is finally breaking even from the initial investment. Part of the company’s funding comes from an inheritance that his father left him. Eduardo’s mother Ligia married Arthur Botelho. He is a ladies man who won’t accept that he’s gotten older and refuses to act his own age. Arthur is father to Norberto, Eduardo’s hypocritical partner at Radical Adventure.

Norberto resents the fact that he is a minor partner in the company. His desire is to sell the agency and invest in his personal projects, which are without merit. To top it off, he is madly in love with Eduardo’s girlfriend, Fabiana. Eduardo’s successes provoke Norberto’s envy, which is now focused on bringing his rival down. At the same time, Eduardo doesn’t seem to notice Norberto’s ruses against him.

Arthur and Ligia have two sons: Lucas and Vicente, Ligia’s eldest son. Vicente is a good-natured man who is married to the extravagant Celine, and has two children: Rafael and Gabriela. Lucas is the only son fruit of Arthur and Ligia’s marriage and is their youngest. This young man has just graduated in Philosophy and has a wedding date set with the seductive Betina.





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