The 70`s. A new scenario has changed the face of the city`s nightlife by combining light, radiance and music: the disco clubs.

It is in this context that we follow the life of the Vêneto family. When Michele Vêneto came to Brazil running away from problems with the police and financial difficulties in war-torn Europe, the Bankers (owners and gamblers of The Animal Game) were still the masters in needy sectors of society. It was a patriarchal power in which the Bankers were at the same time benefactors of the community, owners of samba schools and arbiters of social justice. There was fear and respect for the figure of the Banker, but the atmosphere of terror imposed by the upcoming drug traffickers` domain was still absent.

His wife Ana, a woman determined to get whatever she wants, whatever the cost. Donana, as Ana became known, never counted on luck. But when she loses the son Michele’s been waiting for, she realizes her marriage is hanging by a thread. She finds out that her husband has a lover, Stella, and that this woman is also pregnant with his son. Actually, not even Michele knew that he was about to have another baby with Stella.

Fearing for her life and for her children´s lives, Stella gives Otávio and Marco Antônio away to be raised by Donana. Donana ran away to the countryside with the excuse of giving birth to her own child in her relatives` house. When she comes back, she tricks Michele into believing that Marco Antônio is their legitimate son and that Otávio is an abandoned boy from the favela who she´s adopted.




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