The Slave Mother

Some stories are so striking they span generations. Such is the case of The Slave Isaura. The life story of the light-skinned slave girl who was obsessively pursued by Mr. Leôncio, won the world through page and screen. But every story has a beginning, and none of her story would have come about without the characters and plot of The Slave Mother, loosely based on the novel by Gustavo Reiz, a literary classic.

Juliana is the result of her mother Luena’s rape that she suffered crossing the ocean aboard a slave ship. Now 18 years old and knowing the truth about her past, Juliana vows that she will never let a white man touch her. In this moment of desperation, she meets the young Portuguese Miguel, a traveler seeking answers about the mystery surrounding the death of his parents.

Miguel will become the great love of Juliana’s life, but will also arouse the interest of Maria Isabel, the daughter of Col. Custódio. Enlisting the craftiness of her faithful and sarcastic maid Esméria, Maria Isabel will spare no effort to undermine Juliana, never accepting to be affronted by a slave.

Juliana is also forced to face a powerful obstacle: Commander Almeida. As an arranged marriage with Teresa would save his family from financial ruin, Almeida becomes the new master of Engenho do Sol. Teresa’s and Almeida’s wedding marks the beginning of a phase of great hardship for Juliana as her new master becomes completely obsessed with her.

Together, Juliana and Miguel live out an intense love story, facing powerful enemies and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, during an age of prejudice in the shadow of slavery.

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