TOPÍSSIMA is a contemporary telenovela that delves into the feminine universe and brings the struggles of a modern woman to the surface: work versus love life; independence versus solitude; maternity versus career; aging versus aesthetics; illegal abortion versus deaths and countless other questions that involve not just women but also men. Beside issues inherent to the feminine universe, we have an ongoing police investigation full of twists and turns involving the main characters.


The plot is built on four pillars: romance, police investigation, drama and humor. A police tragicomedy? An investigative romantic comedy? Think of a palette of intense, soft, bright, dark, mysterious, happy, sad, delicate and aggressive colors… TOPÍSSIMA!



“March´s rains close the summer”, but on that day, the sun decided to contradict the poet and rose stubbornly bright. As powerful as the sun, the rich and vain Lara Alencar meets her daughter, Sophie, who lives in a luxury hotel on Niemeyer Avenue. Lara wants her daughter to sign a document that forces Sophia to get married in one year in order to keep her newly achieved position as president of the Alencar Group, a wide network of universities inherited by Lara. Sophia reacts furiously, she is passionate about her job and won´t admit to being blackmailed by her own mother, let alone being forced to marry. She is a staunch feminist!
But she has no alternative, after raging out, she ends up signing the document, accepting the condition to marry within a year time. Lara is relieved, she has always been suspicious of her half-brother, Paulo Roberto, who until now was the institution´s president. She has no proof but thinks that he made his wealth by stealing from the Alencar Group. Lara, at first, doesn´t suspect that Paulo Roberto is more than corrupt, but she is wrong…



Near there, in Vidigal, Antonio faces one of the greatest disappointments of his life. He is abandoned by his bride on his wedding day. His mother, Mariinha, and sister, Gabriela, try to console him, but Antonio is too anguished, he needs to leave, clear his mind… He goes down the hill in his cab at the same time that Sophia, who lives in the hotel in front of Vidigal, also hits the road, and they end up crashing in a mild traffic accident.


This could be an unimportant event that could be easily solved, but is only the first of many “crashes” between Sophia and Antonio, who from that moment on, live in a constant state of war. They can´t agree on even the simplest things. Sophia is offended by Antonio´s chivalry and he by her “independence”! If Antonio opens the car´s door to Sophia, she opens the other door and enters the car. If he lets her enter the elevator first, Sophia won´t enter. He won´t either. The elevator door closes, it goes up and down; the door opens, people come out but they won´t come in… It´s a like an arm-wrestling match! Antonio wants Sophia to respect his chivalry and she wants Antonio to treat her as an equal! Neither has any intention to back down.



Deaths throughout Brazil caused by a new drug, the “Blue Velvet”, get the police´s attention, and they create a special operation to locate and dismantle the organization that is manufacturing and trafficking methamphetamine. Since the first deaths were in Rio de Janeiro, the police agents create their headquarters in this city and initiate Operation Blue Velvet, led by sheriff André.


André is a serious and competent professional, but he can´t imagine that one of his subordinates, the policeman Pedro, is one of the traffickers along with Alencar Group´s important rector, Paulo Roberto, besides the American chemist, Taylor. The three criminals are above all suspicion and use their power and privileged access to information to try to frame Sophia and Antonio, who as the plot develops, have to defend themselves from false accusations and persecution, besides learning how to deal with each other.



Many other characters and stories take part in the Topíssima universe. A family devastated by the death of their daughter in a clandestine abortion; young students who must learn to live together in a student republic; a single father who struggles to raise his daughter; the first love of a young couple and the dilemmas related to virginity and love in old age are some of those stories.