What can be stronger than blood ties and issues of honor? Will there be a love capable of changing the course of a story that seems to have written end? These questions and the search for their answers lead to the lives of the characters of this story, especially the main couple, where two opposing realities meet in common love.

The story takes place in the Middle Ages, around the 15th century, in a beautiful and fictitious region known as Belaventura. Due to a historic dispute over territory, the region lived in war, until the great leaders signed a peace agreement to unify the region into a single kingdom.

Outside the castles of Belaventura we find the city of the plebeians, where the most simple and hard-working people live. That is where Pietra lives, a young woman who was separated from her mother and had a terrible childhood. After suffering at the hands of a repulsive stepfather, she lost faith in God and in people. On the other hand, Prince Enrico is the heir of a great kingdom, who saw his youth plagued with great expectations about the man in whom he would become. Living with egoistic people, aware of palatial intrigues and conspiracies in the name of power, Enrico also lost confidence in people.

In a story full of emotions and transformations, they will find in the other something that is missing in their lives. Enrico will take on the responsibility of rescuing Pietra from the miserable life he led, which will not be a simple task. From the meeting of the prince and the commoner, a redemptive love will be born. Enrico will save Pietra who, in turn, will teach his beloved lessons that he never learned inside the walls of the castle.

In addition to the central plot, parallel stories are also developed in ways that present different forms of redemption. These are beautiful, exciting, inspiring stories that take place in a time of beautiful visuals that have not been explored extensively by today’s television.

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