The main story is about Artur (Bruno Ferrari), the rich young owner of Arminho Ranch, who holds a grudge against his alleged father Gregório (AntônioGrassi). At the age of twelve, Artur, who was baptized as Mossoró, became paraplegic after he fell off a horse given by his father Gregório, who never managed to cope with this tragedy and ended up rejecting Mossoró.

Clarice (Beth Goulart) is Artur’s mother, Gregório’s first wife, and teaches at Priscila Schiller school. She can’t live with the troubled relationship between her son and her husband and decides to run away with her first born to Curacao, hiding the secret of his father’s identity for years, until, upon realizing Artur’s thirst for vengeance, she reveals that Gregório is not his biological father. But this doesn’t alleviate his hate, and he commits his mother to a psychiatric hospital so she won’t get in the way of his revenge. Clarice eventually becomes addicted to medications.

Dominated by his desire for vengeance, Artur returns to Brazil to implement his plan to destroy the Training Center Ranch Altacyr Ferreira, Gregório’s property, where he spent his youth. Diana (Thais Melchior) was born from Gregório’s second marriage and is Mossoró’s (Ricky Tavares) sister.Both are children of Gregório’s second wife, now deceased. Diana inherited her father’s passion for horses.

She is disturbed by the thought that she committed incest with Artur, who is not really her brother. While going through this psychological torture, she has a new affair with Raphael (Rodrigo Phavanello), creating a love triangle full of emotions, intrigues and revenges.

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