All Girls in Me

“All Girls in Me” tells the story of Mirela, a modern-day digital influencer. The series also tells the story of the girls in the Bible, who lived during the 1st century. That’s right! Contrary to appearances, they have a lot in common. Not to say everything!

Here’s a little secret: the truth is that times have changed, but girls haven’t.

Their conflicts, challenges, perrengues, passions, mistakes, jokes and dreams are the same since when the first one was placed in this world. After all, regardless of the time, social context and culture, girls are girls… Little people capable of capturing all our attention, of becoming protagonists of great stories and of changing so much around them simply for being who they are. That’s why it’s totally possible to find countless coincidences between the story of girls known in the Bible and that of a typical contemporary girl.

This is precisely the purpose of this series: to show how, at different stages of a girl’s life today, she can see herself as or in the same situation as biblical girls. Just imagine: they will all be the same actress! That’s right! Do you know why? It’s just that Mirela will live the adventure of every biblical girl firsthand, seeing herself in their place…


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