To understand the present, we have to go back to the beginning of everything…

With a cast of over 250 actors and a gigantic structure with incredible special effects, Record TV proudly presents the story of the origin of the world for the first time in an epic and exciting drama.

Genesis will present a wide-ranging biblical vision of the origin of the humanity to the public. Several parts will address the beginnings of man in a very sensitive and intense way. The characters of the period will be shown with a never before seen wealth of detail, deepening the understanding of the first, and one of the most important, books of the Bible.

The biblical book of Genesis in a very simple and complex way at the same time, presents all the answers of everything we are, we have, we see, we feel and we touch.

Narrated by God, the story begins with the introduction of Lucifer and his downfall. The plot will continue to show the creation of the world and the lives of Adam and Eve. After being expelled from the Garden of Eden, parts of the beginnings of humanity will be shown, such as the birth of their children, the death of Abel, the flight of Cain and the foundation of the city of Enoch. God speaks to Noah and reveals His plans: the deluge and the construction of the ark to save his family.

Genesis presents a greater understanding of why we exist and how perfect and imperfect we are.

The origin of all social and racial problems is there at the beginning of everything, when the human being, who only knew the good and enjoyed it so much, also chose to know the evil.