The Law and the Crime

Catarina (Francisca Queiroz) is a high-society woman who decides to study and become a police commissioner after her father being murdered in a robbery. In charge of the most troubled police department of the region, her only goal is to make sure the law is enforced.

Her path crosses with Nando’s path (Ângelo Paes Lemes), a drug dealer boss, and also with Romero’s (Caio Junqueira), a militia policeman. The plot unravels when Nando kills his father-in-law, who is Romero’s father.

His policeman brother-in-law ignores the formalities of the law and swears to revenge his father’s death. Determined in his objectives, he joins a militia get stronger, to go up the hill and accomplish his mission.

The Law and the Crime will show the impact of the violence between different social classes. The main point of the story is the universe of drugs, the police, corrupt politicians and the ambiguity of the law and crime that occur in the world. In many places, the drug dealer is the law.