You will see what I am capable of


Set in Israel, the telenovela “Jezebel” tells the story of a Phoenician princess who uses her beauty and seduction power to achieve all she wants. She marries King Ahab to become queen, but she suffers strong opposition from the Israelite people in attempting to impose on everyone the worship of the pagan gods Baal and Asherah.

Stubborn and unwavering in her convictions, “Jezebel” is a woman capable of anything to achieve her goals and destroy her enemies.

She has Elijah as the greatest adversary, a powerful prophet whose sole mission is to spread the word of the One God and to defend the Israelis.

The telenovela “Jezebel” will take the international market to an ancestral age, with a history full of fervent wars, love stories and intriguing prophecies!










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