Crossing the Line

Record TV Network new series, with exclusive content in R7 portal, is set in the city of Rio de Janeiro and shows the city`s routine in every aspect. With its focus on the organized crime, Crossing the Line also reveals some of Rio`s beautiful views.


The series has four episodes, each one having its own main plot and special participation of many actors, but the same cast is present in the whole story. Actor Milhem Cortaz, know by his acting in movies such as Carandiru (2003), Tropa de Elite (2007) and Assalto ao Banco Central (2011) gives life to the story`s main character, an anti-hero in the skin of officer Medeiros who has a crime to investigate and solve in each episode for which counts with a high qualified team, formed by investigator Clarice, performed by actress Rafaela Mandelli and officer Brandão, lived by actor Claudio Gabriel.
Medeiros`s got a not very orthodox way of solving the crimes that arrive on his hands, which causes conflicts with Clarice, with whom also has a non solved romance. Out of Control, a series with tons of action, emotion and suspense, shows the daily life of the exciting universe of police investigation. The project is a production by Gullane in coproduction with Grifa Films.




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